Most of the team at JFK Automation come from a strong background in AV. In fact, did you know that prior to 2013, the company was even called JFK Audio Visual!

What this means is that we’re in a great place to advise you on the best home entertainment systems, no matter your budget.

Here are some of the wide range of Audio Visual services we offer:

  • Home cinema
  • Media rooms
  • TV install and setup
  • Surround sound
  • Acoustic treatment
  • Wireless and multi-room audio
  • Sonos systems
  • Architectural speakers
  • Outdoor (landscaped) audio
  • Hi-Fi systems
  • ISF calibration

So we really know our stuff!

But why would you come to us instead of going to your local home cinema or Hi-Fi store?


  1. We take a purely consultative approach with no ‘hard sales’. We listen to what you want, ask how much you want to spend and design it accordingly.
  2. We have access to pretty much any brand on the planet. But we have our favourites to recommend also.
  3. We offer design services to make sure your electrician cables everything correctly.
  4. We specialize in the ‘hidden install’ if you prefer not to see any black boxes, speakers or even TVs (when they’re off that is).
  5. We don’t sell ‘packages’ – we customise everything to your needs and budget.
  6. We can give you one remote to rule them all. And it works!
  7. If you are having trouble streaming Netflix, we can help you with that too because we’re also experts in all things Wi-Fi and internet related.
  8. We can design a home theatre system that will out-perform your local multiplex. And we do the more budget friendly ones too.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call to arrange your free consultation or send us your project enquiry below.

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