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If you’ve landed here on our website, then you’ve probably got a project (big or small) that you’re planning that requires technology and you need help. But you’re probably not 100% sure what type of company to call. We can help.

Whether you’re looking to automate your entire house or just want reliable Wi-Fi, call our office and one of our team will answer, ready to advise on the best approach to take. If you’d like a meeting, no problem – the first one is always free! And we’ll come to you to save you the inconvenience of travel.

To say that the world of smart home technology and automation is confusing is an understatement and we understand that it’s not easy to find the right company to partner with. But it’s also an extremely important decision as getting it wrong can be catastrophic – leading to systems that are unreliable and hard to use. Everyone knows someone that got their sparkie to install lighting automation and quickly regretted it afterwards, wishing they’d just picked the regular  light switches.


Did you know that anyone can call themselves a ‘home automation professional’ without any certification, training or qualifications whatsoever? That’s a scary prospect when technology decisions can have such a big impact on your life, and it makes it really hard for you to pick out the Pros from the Cowboys.

To help you uncover whether your Smart Home Consultant is as professional as they say they are, we’ve devised a list of questions for you to ask them:

1. Is home automation their primary market?

If it’s just a sideline to electrical work, then they’re most likely not knowledgeable or specialised enough. Keeping up with smart home technology trends requires full-time dedication.

2. Are they a ‘man-with-a-van’ or do they have an office with back-up staff?

After-sales support is critical, and they may say they’ll answer their mobile phone but is that the reality after you’ve paid their final bill?

3. How professional and detailed is their documentation?

This is usually a good way of seeing what they’re like to work with. Ask for an example quote or a sample of design documentation. If it looks a bit rough around the edges then their install work is probably similar.

4. Do they outsource labour to sub-contractors or do they employ their own staff

Quality of outcome is entirely dependent on maintaining control from start to finish, which usually means using trained employees only.

5. How do they manage every stage of the project: Design > Project Management > Install > Programming > Servicing

They should be able to name individuals at the company responsible for each stage and they generally shouldn’t be the same person.

6. How long have they been in business?

Sure everyone needs to start somewhere but do you really want to be the guinea pig? It takes years of experience to manage a complex automation installation successfully.

OK, so you’ve qualified all these questions, but doesn’t that mean that they’ll be much more expensive than a smaller, newer company? Well sometimes, but not always.

Ask for their standard hourly rates and compare. And no harm in getting multiple quotes…although beware the smoke and mirrors! Your quotes will most likely be full of things you don’t understand and will be tricky to compare apples with apples. Transparency is key here so ask for a breakdown of all items in your quote and a full scope of works– if it’s not there, it’s probably because they don’t intend to give it to you.

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