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justin kern
Owner, Director

Justin Kern

Justin F Kern (JFK) is a former cabinetmaker with a background in Industrial Design.
Justin loves planning unique and innovative solutions for JFK’s customers. It is rare for him to turn down a project - often being nick-named the ‘yes-man’. If it’s a little outside-the-box, then Justin is the man for the job!

Dating back to his childhood, Justin’s many pastimes have ranged from photography to volleyball, flying two-line stunt kites and a multitude of adrenaline-inducing activities. He still plays volleyball every Monday & Thursday nights (if not injured) and can regularly be found on the beach at Manly.

He has been taking photos since he was 7 years old and used to run a small business specialising in sport, weddings and family events.

He now has a young son and enjoys spending time with him playing with scooters, electric bikes, segways, remote control cars & helicopters - essentially anything that has a motor.

Admin and Accounts Manager

Carol Smith

Coming Soon
Technical Project Manager

Ali Hamad

Ali has been a veteran of the Automation industry dating back to 1995, while undertaking his studies in Electrical Engineering. He’d worked on commissioning the Lighting control systems for several Sydney 2000 Olympic sites and later moved into Home Automation where he’d expanded his knowledge in systems outside of Lighting Control. During his 12 year tenure at Crestron Electronics, Ali performed the Training, Design and Technical Support to the Network of Residential and Commercial dealers across the ANZ region. His proudest moment involved the Design and Delivery of a complete Automation and Control System throughout Crown Sydney, where everything from the Hotel and Residence Lighting, Climate, Shades, AV, Air-Conditioning and Room Check-in systems were seamlessly integrated throughout the site.
While away from his devotion to his job, Ali is spending quality time with his 4 adorable kids, offering his Dad Taxi Services (DTS) for the School/Soccer/Karate/Kickboxing pickup and dropoff. He refuses to participate in any of these sports, citing fake injuries.
Technical Lead

Matt Furnell

Growing up with a strong passion for all things electronic, Matt has always seen things in black and white with a strong analytical mind. Obsessed with putting together the humble Dick Smith DIY kits as a young child he focused on becoming a fixer. Deciding to leave school in year 10 to chase his dreams, he completed his auto electrical apprenticeship. Shortly after he expanded his electronic love with a deep love of music and decided to do a degree at SAE college as an Audio Engineer, throughout this period he was involved with Sydney's music scene, co-producing and engineering multiple award winning albums all whilst working at a distribution and record label.
Fast forward to 2006 when he discovered automation and began his career with JFK. Having grown and seen all the many changes the industry has taken in the decade and a half, he has risen to become the company's Technical Lead. With his wealth of technical and practical knowledge his role varies from overseeing all technical aspects of projects, managing the install team to monitoring systems remotely and servicing calls for JFK's clients, he always strives to solve the problem and take the project to the next level.
jonathan yates
Design and Operations Manager

Jonathan Yates

Coming Soon

Reed Morel

Reed is our up and coming systems integrator who strives to bring our clients the best A.V. and Automation solutions. In his second year with JFK and currently completing an electronics course at Tafe, Reed is learning the business at a rapid rate.
He is a hardworking man with a burning desire for reeling in the ever elusive 3m flathead from his local watering hole. After 2 years of lanscaping, Reed decided to transfer into a more technical role and has really found his bag in the Smart Home and Electronics industry. One of his favourite jobs is installing flush mount ceiling speakers - quite fitting given he holds a Certificate IV in Sound Production. Always on the ball although not a coffee drinker; you will never seen him with a Barista Bros - it's Oak only in Reed's books (banana flavour). At the end of the day Reed is a great guy to be around and trying his hardest to get himself and his family ahead in life.
darren coles
Sales Representative

Darren Coles

From 13, Darren has been programming and hacking computers, utilising his skills in bleeding-edge technology. Working with many products that people today now take for granted. (VoIP, FFMPeg (video streaming), Messaging and Mobile. Able to take any problem and find and build a solution based on client demands.
Historically Darren would be found doing anything that could kill him, from coming down the side of a mountain on a glorified skateboard or performing death-defying aerobatics in his taildragger aeroplane—all the while studying and teaching Combat Sports, holding a blackbelt in Wado Ryu and various belts in other disciplines including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Sales Consultant

Dale Arnull

With a family history in film/ projection and cinemas. Architecture and working with timber also run in the family. Working background in all things Projection, Theatres and Manufacturing AV products and System Integration. There are many things that can be made, using some imagination and a good engineer/draftsperson.
Likes to chat, share ideas, and explore possibilities.
Dale values quality installations and customer satisfaction levels high.
Keenly interested in most sports, is a Cricket Umpire on Saturday afternoons. Still plays some cricket at any opportunity. Newtown is his hometown.

Luke Gallagher

Luke is a hard-working tech-head, lover of all things electronics and in winter, we can’t keep him off the ski slopes! Luke is an undisputed music buff who adores his guitars and amps like they are his own children. Luke has been an electrician since 2017 and has extensive onsite construction experience both on the tools, as a foreman and a project manager.
Luke’s love of construction started at a very young age. As he gravitated toward trucks and diggers instead of other kids toys then promptly transitioned into the wide world of Lego, Luke’s Mum would take him around the city on Thursdays to visit all the construction sites. From there, Luke was encouraged to put the “destructive tendency” of pulling things apart to good use by considering how things (pens and pegs primarily) are built.
To date, Luke has project managed everything from kitchen renovations and simple additions to multi-storey new-builds in off-form concrete, brickwork and timber frame builds with some of Sydney’s best builders and architecture firms.
For a young technician, Luke has worked tirelessly not only to understand every part of a home electrical installation, but to perfect it. Luke is excellently equipped to offer the best possible solutions, no matter the type of property.
Highly responsible, devoted and an outgoing member of the JFK team, Luke is always happy to help and to go the extra mile to ensure your home tech needs are met.
hilly symon
Sales Representative

Hillel (Hilly) Symon

Often referred to as the “solution-eer” of the complex electronic problems. I love a good challenge and am outcome focused. Throughout my career I have been fortunate enough to have extensive experience working on cutting edge, best of breed technologies.
Having grown up in South Africa allowed me to spend a lot of time on the African game farms contributing to my love for nature and animals. Many hours were spent watching animals in their natural habitat and I have fond memories of waking up early in the morning and going for a game drive with my family. For the last 25 years I am proud to call Australia my home.
I installed my first alarm system at the age of 9 and have always had a passion for security and CCTV systems and have spent many years honing my electronic skills in these areas. I am totally absorbed with Artificial and Business Intelligence (AI and BI) systems and have had good fortune to having worked with many large franchises and have influenced their branding through electronics.
When left to my own devices I can be found reading a good book away from the hum drum of the big city.
daniel borg
Estimator and Project Coordinator

Daniel Borg

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