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Alexa, turn the lights on! Home electrical automation systems are the future of living. Smart light bulbs, switches, hubs, speakers, sensory lighting, and advanced security solutions are all part of an innovative home automation system. No matter where you are currently living, professional home automation installation companies can set up and configure your smart home in no time. Be it units, townhouses or tiny homes, a smart home electrician can help you create an intelligent living space based on your unique needs and daily requirements.

An introduction to home electrical automation systems  

Home automation refers to gaining automatic control over the electronic devices in your home. With the help of the internet, these electronic devices are connected to the main controller. In a planned home automation installation, a smart home electrician makes sure that each device is triggered by one another, enabling multi-device control for the end-user. In-home automation systems, devices are controlled via a singular application or voice assistant. When all electrical devices are synced together, it provides ease of usage by lowering the amount of manual control. For example, if you’re getting ready for bed and have a home automation system, you can control the lighting, music, and temperature from the comfort of your bed. 

Understanding how home electrical automation systems work

Homeowners are opting for home automation installations to create a connected home. Home electrical automation systems work on a basic principle in which all smart devices are connected to each other through the Internet of Things. Some of the devices you can connect include: 

  • Smart lights — These are one of the most affordable automated IoT devices. They make it easy to adjust and customise your lighting depending on your needs. Smart lights can change colour, be set to personal schedules, or synced to the music being played by home speakers.
  • Thermostats — These enable homeowners to set, manage and schedule their home’s temperature remotely. Smart thermostats save time, money and energy in the long run.
  • Locks — A key tool to making homes safer, smart locks are convenient for all types of homeowners. These automatic locks instantly lock once the door is shut and are automatically connected to an alarm system. This prevents any chance of unauthorised break-ins.
  • Video doorbells — An outdoor IoT device, video doorbells are a great way to monitor who is outside when the doorbell is pressed. Any type of motion or movement is detected and will display live footage of the person entering your home.
  • Smart speakers — An essential IoT device for automated homes, smart speakers enable users to speak out loud and perform multiple functions simultaneously. Speakers are the basic device through which homeowners communicate demands and interact with voice assistants. 
  • Surveillance cameras — Remotely monitored surveillance cameras are the go-to choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their home’s safety. You can view live footage of these indoor and outdoor cameras regardless of where you’re located during that moment.
  • Security systems — Similar to smart cameras, security systems are an integral way to elevate your home’s surveillance. These advanced motion sensors detect entry, exit, the opening of doors and windows and can alert you when glass breaks.  

Benefits of a home automation installation

If you’re thinking of making the switch to a smarter lifestyle, an advanced home automation installation can help you connect a suite of devices that are synced to one common network. With this function, you can control all the devices independently or in combination. Here are a few benefits of choosing home electrical automation systems

  • Flexibility — Smart homes allow you to connect all your state-of-the-art devices in one network and operate them through a single application or voice command. No matter how many new devices you decide to buy and connect, you can easily add them to your central hub. 
  • Convenience — Home automation systems make life more straightforward. Be it controlling the temperature of your child’s room or checking on the home surveillance cameras while you’re at work, an automated system can help you manage your home from your phone, regardless of where you’re situated. 
  • Savings Regulating smart thermostats and lighting can help save energy and cut costs. Small steps like setting a timer to switch the lights or air conditioning off when not in use can help prevent excessive bills from stacking up in the long run. 
  • Safety — One of the key reasons the world is moving towards home automated systems is improved security and non-stop surveillance. Having access to your security camera footage from your phone provides homeowners with peace of mind when they’re travelling, heading to work or holidaying abroad. Remote monitoring and motion sensors also provide a great range of assurance while lowering the risk of theft and unwanted visitors. 

Creating a smart home ecosystem with JFK Automation

Since our inception in the 1990s, we have been dedicated to designing homes with integrated expertise in industrial design, cabinetry, information technology and automation. As one of Australia’s leading bespoke home automation companies, we focus on elevating your living experience through our advanced and customised home automation installations. Over the years, our exceptional team has worked with a number of homeowners, architects, builders, and corporations to study, plan and execute automation installations across different building designs and spatial locations. 

Book bespoke home automation installation services today 

If you’re looking for a customised approach to creating a smart home, JFK Automation is here to help. Based in Crows Nest, our design and automation team has enabled hundreds of Australian homeowners to reconfigure their homes with intelligent technology and devices. 

If you have any questions about our home automation installation or how we can make a difference in simplifying your home, get in touch with our team of smart home consultants today.

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