With a strong focus on music, TV and lighting, this was the second project we deployed for this client with the brief starting off very simple – to replicate what they had at their previous residence.

That prior project, Woolloomooloo Residence, had been deployed three years previously and was notable for the bespoke media installation which included a large screen TV which transformed in to a piece of artwork when not in use. The client was so happy with the solution that was created, that she wanted the same solution in the new property. When asked if there was anything that she would change, the answer was  – “can we make the TV mechanism quieter?”

The mechanism behind the disappearing TV is essentially similar to a standard motorised shade, so we sought out the world’s quietest Lutron motors and asked the engineering team to incorporate in to the overall solution, which resulted in a smooth and virtually silent operation.

Elegant and Simple Technology

Of equal importance was the whole-home audio system. The client listens to the radio on a daily basis and wanted it playing in the background throughout the property with as few button pushes as possible. A ‘music’ button on her Kitchen lighting keypad provided exactly what she wanted, with the ability to quickly change radio stations via a custom menu on the front page of the adjacent touchscreen.

An unusual request on this project was the ability to only switch on Wi-Fi when needed, thus keeping the interior space free from radio frequencies unless absolutely necessary. Again, due to the flexibility of the Control4 lighting keypads, we were able to commission a ‘Wi-Fi’ button that provided LED feedback on whether the Wi-Fi system was active, but also when it was ready to use.

Location: Freshwater, NSW

Completion Date: February 2019

Architect: Interni (Interior Design)

Builder: Ganellan

Lighting & Climate Control

lighting climate icon

Lighting & Climate Control

Control4 automation system for control of:

  • Audio visual
  • Lighting
  • Climate – heating, AC and fans

Audio Visual

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Audio Visual

Artwork TV and media solution using:

  • 65″ Sony OLED
  • Customised Ultralift Gallery Lifter with Lutron motor
  • Triad speakers and subwoofers
  • AudioControl home theatre receiver
  • Oppo Blu-ray player
  • Fetch TV
  • Apple TV

Distributed audio using:

  • Bluesound audio streaming
  • NAD Amplifiers
  • Sonance Visual Performance speakers

Pakedge managed Home Network

Middle Atlantic equipment rack