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Control4 is a leading automation system for homes and businesses, offering a personalised and unified smart home system to automate and control connected devices, including lighting, audio, video, climate control, intercom and security.

Founded in 2003, the Control4 smart home automation system now interoperates with over 18,000 third-party products in more than 100 countries. It runs in around 600,000 homes and orchestrates over 15 million connected devices worldwide.

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Once in the realm of only the very top end of the market, smart home technology is rapidly becoming not a luxury, but a standard. With the changing profile of buyers, as more apartments are developed for and bought by owner-occupiers over investors, it is not only desired but expected. Home automation is an area of increasing importance to developers and buyers, with a slew of products available, all claiming control of one or a handful of functions. However, a trustworthy home-automation platform should have the ability to embrace all services and the means to communicate with most popular brands when the need arises, simply and effectively without risky complications.

“Control4 eliminates confusion, bringing everything together with the one app to simplify the user’s experience. It allows users to control devices individually or all together in a way that makes sense, so whether the point of interaction is a mobile device, TV, voice command, on-wall keypads or touch screens, it should be familiar and easy to use.”

The Control4 Smart Home system connects technologies, audio, lighting, cameras, and other devices into one convenient control system, enabling all home technology to work together in one unified system. It is also scalable, so devices and technologies can be added in the future, a crucial feature for users given the pace of change in technology.

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Life often demands your constant attention in multiple places at once. At JFK Automation we can help you deal with various nagging demands by linking your home technology through your home network in one system by Control4 in Sydney. Through remote cameras, you can see the kids returning home from school and be notified if lights are left on in the kitchen. JFK Automation recommends products from Control4 in Australia so you can attend to those matters through touchscreens, voice control or keypads with just the touch of a button.

Control4 Smart Home Automation System

With Control4, a Sydney home can be fully connected with each device communicating through the Smart Home OS 3. With this operating system, you can easily control every switch and device in the house through your phone or tablet, from turning on your audiovisual equipment to controlling the lighting in the garden. As fully certified Control4 dealers we use the entire line of products to build you a custom system that is controlled through an easy to use and secure home operating system.

Control 4 systems for everyone

 As one of the best Control4 dealers in Sydney, JFK Automation knows that home connectivity is not just for ultra-modern, luxury homes. With Control4 Home Automation in Sydney, difficulties as a result of disability can be overcome and life can be made easier. It can help anyone who needs that extra level of control in their home, whether that is a mother trying to keep tabs on unruly children or an older couple who are not as mobile as they used to be.

If you are interested in learning more and want to speak to a Control4 Sydney dealer that can design a custom system for you, get in touch online or by phone on (02) 8002 4005.