• TV concealed by client-selected artwork
  • Fully-hidden media and entertainment system
  • LED dimming technology controlled by Phillips Dynalite
  • Architecturally integrated lighting and audio
  • Motorised 'Gallery Lifter' by Ultralift Australia
  • Motorised 'Gallery Lifter' by Ultralift Australia
  • Motorised 'Gallery Lifter' by Ultralift Australia
  • LED dimming technology controlled by Phillips Dynalite
  • Architectural lighting by Lighting Studio MG
  • Tiny architectural surround sound speakers by Sonance
  • Landscape lighting controlled by Phillips Dynalite
  • Concealed equpment rack - install by Matt Furnell

Starting off as a very simple home cinema installation, this project very quickly became a highly bespoke and design-driven solution to ensure we met the very clear vision of the client and her interior designer. The end result was a very high performance, but invisible, home media system seamlessly integrated with lighting automation.

Custom-designed Audiovisual Solution

In order to meet the client’s design goals for the Living space, we were engaged to build a false wall on one side of the apartment to accommodate a TV, front speakers and two subwoofers. All speakers were hidden from view behind stretched fabric panels which were chosen by the interior designer to match the overall decor of the room. The client wanted to use a large TV to heighten the visual experience when watching movies, but was concerned that it would be an eye-sore when not in use. We often recommend automation to conceal and reveal TVs, but this was the first time we effectively transformed the TV in to another visual feature – a piece of artwork. This was accomplished through the use of a canvas lifter mechanism similar to an electric blind. The printed canvas automatically rolls up to reveal the screen when the TV is switched and rolls back down to hide it when switched off.

A meld of architectural lighting and audio, the ceiling was meticulously designed in collaboration with the interior designer and lighting consultant. It was of equal importance to achieve excellent sound performance as it was to place decorative lighting features – in particular a large LED dome. Using Sonance’s small profile architectural speakers, we were able to provide surround sound for the home cinema plus additional audio for the Dining area without detracting from the overall look.

Scene-driven Lighting Control

To control the lighting throughout the property, the client used a limited number of scenes driven by a Phillips Dynalite lighting control system. This allowed her to illuminate the space and dim to preset levels depending on the time of day, all at the push of a single button. The client was also able to manage the lighting scenes using a touchscreen powered by Control4, which also handled overall control of the audiovisual system.

The client was so happy with the overall solution that we were engaged to provide a similar design for another property in Freshwater.