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Automation & Control Home Theatre & Media Rooms Audio Visual Distribution Environment (Lighting, shading, heating & cooling) Security (Alarm, CCTV, access control & intercom)

JFK are an award-winning Home Automation company based in Sydney, Australia.
We specialise in the design and installation of fully integrated Smart Home technology.

JFK Audio
Here we showcase the story behind some of our recent projects along with the products used in the final solution.
JFK Audio
Why use JFK?
JFK offer a complete suite of services ranging from system design through to installation and ongoing servicing.
JFK Audio
Through years of research and testing, JFK recommend only the best products available on the market.

What’s this 4K Ultra HD all about then?

Benjamin Rubie — 04/04/2019
When we enter the TV section of an electronics store, we are bombarded with various messages and statements, all vying for our attention: ‘ULTRA HD’, ‘HDR’, ‘OLED’, ‘QLED’. These are all features or specifications...

Media Players Demystified

Mark — 06/02/2018
The Media Player market is one that is clouded with confusion and mystery. Whoever so wishes to take on the task of digitizing their private movie collection should tread lightly, for fear of getting the lost in the world of resolutions, frame rates and codecs.

Why Apple may be the smartest TV of them all

Mark — 08/01/2014
It is no secret that Apple, in their special little way, are working on a new product which will potentially bring them in to a new market.