CCTV Bokor

Every home owner wants to ensure their family are kept safe from intruders and an integrated security system from JFK can give you the peace of mind that your loved ones are always protected.

Through the intelligent use of automation, a security system can be incredibly easy to use – putting your home in to protection mode can be as simple as pushing a single button. For added peace of mind, we can create the impression of occupancy even when you’re away from home for extended periods of time, simply by activating random lighting scenes or setting the TV to come on in the evening for a couple of hours. Stay informed of any unusual security events – if you’re away from home, the system will email or text you when anything unusual occurs, or simply to tell you that a family member is home safe.

For added convenience we can provide you with full surveillance on your iPad, phone or tablet device using strategically positioned CCTV cameras. This extends to your intercom system so you can remotely speak with visitors and decide if you wish to let them in.

As an alternative to the traditional lock and key, there are many different electronic solutions to control access to the home. Our favourite is the biometric fingerprint reader – with one finger swipe, you can open the front door, illuminate the entrance hallway and trigger a personal playlist to welcome you home.

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