In this modern age where all your digital devices rely on a constant connection to the internet, the importance of a strong, reliable home network is higher than ever.

And with the National Broadband Network starting to gain traction, there has never been a better time to review your home network infrastructure.

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All good automation systems are IP based, which means they are reliant on a solid network back-bone. This means the presence of enterprise grade networking equipment (modem/router, wireless access points, switches etc.) is critical to the reliability and functionality of your automation system. But don’t worry, we don’t expect you to have this ready for us. Our team of technicians (geeks) are multi-skilled and can recommend the most appropriate hardware and configure it all on site without you having to do a thing (except pick a WiFi password!).

By using JFK to design your network, you can be assured of a reliable internet connection wherever you are in the house and that’s for all your internet usage, from day-to day web browsing to high bitrate audio and video streaming.

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