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It is very important to consider energy efficiency when building a home and a professionally designed automation system can not only provide convenience, but can significantly reduce your environmental impact.

One of the most well known and popular features of an automation system is lighting control. How many times have you returned home to find all the lights in the house have been left on? JFK’s clients always tell us how much they love their ‘House Off’ button by the front door which not only saves them time, but money too! True lighting control is all about setting lighting ‘scenes’, rather than switching individual circuits on and off. Not only is this the most convenient way to illuminate your room at the right level for the time of day, but you’ll be amazed how much electricity you can save simply by dimming the lights.

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But don’t be fooled that any electrical contractor can provide you with a true ‘automated’ lighting system; to guarantee your satisfaction it’s extremely important that the system is designed and programmed by a professionally qualified integration specialist like JFK.

To save energy consumption in the warmer or cooler days, an automation system can cleverly temper the use of air conditioning and heating by utilising motorised blinds and awnings to control the effect of the sun’s natural warmth. By building intelligence into the system, your home will continually compare the temperatures inside and outside and control shades accordingly, only reverting to heating or A/C when necessary.

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