Imagine being able to enjoy unlimited high definition video and your favourite music in any room of the house, without ever having to see any ugly black boxes. Modern AV distribution systems allow just that, meaning all your Foxtel boxes, amplifiers and DVD players can be neatly stored away in a concealed location so that all you see are the TVs – and we can even hide them!

JFK specialise in the invisible install – we love designing systems that are completely hidden from view when not in use. Over the years we have continued to provide the most innovative solutions for our clients, allowing them to enjoy the latest technology while having minimal to no impact on the aesthetics of the room.

JFK are a true specialist AV company which means we offer product from the some of the most reputable companies in the world.  See some of the brands we currently recommend.

More importantly, our trained and highly skilled technicians will meticulously configure everything to ensure you get the very best performance out of your system. You’d be amazed how you can achieve amazing sound and video quality without breaking the bank. We know how and we’d be glad to share it with you.

Living TV front doors open John Fildes