SLS speaker MEDIUM crop

In Australia, we benefit from having one of the most temperate climates in the world, ideal for outdoor entertaining.  So why limit your entertainment system to inside the house when you can enjoy it outdoors as well? From big screen TVs that emerge from the ground, to your very own Moonlight Cinema, tell us about your aspirations and we will do our best to turn them in to reality.

There is nothing quite like relaxing in beautifully landscaped gardens and listening to your favourite music. But the challenge has always been how to deliver evenly distributed audio so that the volume is constant wherever you are? And how to make it loud enough for everyone to enjoy whatever they are doing, without disturbing the neighbours. ‘Impossible’ you may think, but JFK has the answer.

A landscape designed audio system delivers the highest quality sound you have ever heard outdoors, from tiny speakers that are intended to be hidden – amidst plant beds, in trees or even buried underground! Experience real bass outside, without ever knowing where it is coming from. Move around the garden and the sound follows you, never being too loud or too soft. Sound too good to be true? Ask us for a demo! We’ll bring a kit to your home and leave it with you for the weekend – trust us, you won’t want to give it back!